Inherent Life Unfolding:  My life/ Our Lives/Life


This book is the result of 45 years of reflection, study, observation, mistakes, successes, and inspired insights.  I hope you enjoy it and learn anything contained in these words and images, thoughts and reflections that validate, challenge, support, or otherwise help gain a clarity and relevance in your life as it unfolds.

Encinitas CA Sept. 14, 2015

 Chapter 1   Life? Unfolding? Or What is Life… and what is unfolding? What is Inherent We can start with birth, yours, mine, your ancestors.. It happened with a Big Bang.  The delivery room was void of matter. We’ll let the scientists figure put/ create models, describe multiverses to confuse us, or simply accept the fact we are… Here, now, and onwards. This book addresses the now and onwards, acknowledging the past as that precedes, and basically we build on that past.

Our ancestors; a strict Biblical interpretation will say Adam and Eve.  A scientific approach may focus on a Darwinian model; slime to Stan, or Steve or Sally, you or your sister city brothers and sisters across the planet…

Acknowledging and respecting the points of view we see on (more than) both main sides, that being Biblical and Darwinian / Creationism versus Intelligent Design (or is it the other way around?)….One has to love the Wiki link;

It tries to be neutral, giving equal time and opportunity to present as complete an overview as possible in as short a span as we will give it.  In essence, this is a debate, argument, heated ongoing discussion, head banging, whatever term you choose that describes the conundrums many scientists and most theologians find themselves in on the topic… where Who how why did we get here?

Stay with me here, it get’s interesting. No matter which side of this topic you are on, the following occurred. Either there was divine intervention from the Earth’s dirt from which man came, or there was a slow process of unfolding. In both cases the inherent man came to Earth. Argue all you want… we exist.  What this book concerns itself with is not how we were able to arrive, but what we do now that we’re here.

My personal point of view on this topic is simple. In making sense of the various processes seen after the scientific model of the birth of the Universe, starting with the Big Bang, proposed and agreed by the “Big Gang” comprised of most every astrophysicist, we see an undifferentiated matter as described by the physicists as singularity, bland boring undifferentiated but as you will see, with some inherent tendencies, this gooey plasma, by Wiki described again here:

And with apologies to all the genius astronomers, physicists, theologians, etc., to simplify, after the Bang there was undifferentiated matter described by the laws of physics which then, after a long, long time, cooled off and began to settle into new differentiated forms, actually forming more chemical elements after stars exploded. Wow, what a way to build a Universe, make a star, explode it and voila, creating even more elements added to the mix. This was the master chef in his kitchen making the ingredients for a very delicious meal, Life. Like most meals, one never knows how they will taste… add a little salt here, combine with some nice balsamic reduction to add zest… simmer and enjoy with a glass of attitude enhancement…. It can be a meaningful metaphor.

But we got a little fast forward.

Eventually there was an entire list of unique elements, actually creating a new inherent set of tendencies!!! All these came from the inherent nature of the prior plasma described by physics. Now this fascinated me. If in fact chemistry came about from physics due to inherency of the laws of physics, what inherency was in the newly manifested with the first to appear chemical elements.

To get to the point, inherent in the chemical elements is the tendency to form molecules. That further creates a new set of inherency where the molecules, given certain conditions, create new tendencies, thus starting with complex molecules the realm of biology.

So we see a trend, physics leads to chemistry based on inherent drivers in the realm of physics which leads to a new set of drivers seen in the chemical elements. Who, what, how, why were these inherent tendencies placed or present or even by chance able to create the sequence of events that lead to… Us???? Oh, forgot to mention, life eventually happened according to the fossil record, and the Bible.

Whether one believes in young Earth, 4,000 yr. old model, or the 14 billion year Big Bang model, it took time, whether molded by a God or a cosmic chef in his infinite kitchen. In both models, Life was inherent.

Now the book begins.

Chapter 2

The Inherent You

With all the power of physics, chemistry, biology and history leading to now, you, and your life with it’s inherent tendencies and abilities, with this point of view of the incredible beauty and intention to build such an amazingly complex person as we all are, how do we use this knowledge of prior inherent forces leading to us now to make use of our hopefully well recognized inherent drivers.

And how do we view external limiting factors, whether family, social, peer group, work, political, national, religious, or simply a spouse or significant other, teacher or mentor? How does one communicate that their not cultivating or allowing you to cultivate your creative unfolding and expression, freedom to choose, worship, act, etc. in a way that is harmonious to who you are.

The conforming aspect for the social greater good is always used as a case against individual expression. Therein lies a potential for conflict when things get imbalanced. Ideally our inherent tendencies would be in harmony with the group, especially an enlightened group that values aesthetics, individual uniqueness, and positive creativity. With “Do No Harm” as the main guiding principal, the latitude for choice and expression becomes wider than anyone will ever fill. Did Picasso with his multitude and wide variety of artistic objects ever do harm?

Western civilization gives so many options from fashion to football (which has become a fashion in the new uniforms; not sure I like that feminization of an inherently rough unfolding expression, but there, you have my position on this limited area…feminization of male roughness.).

This does open up the entire topic of male and female inherent drives and expressions. Ideally we would clearly understand the unique strengths and drives of each gender and not try to make the one gender like the other… they are in fact different, beyond just plumbing! Tastes, expressions, likes, abilities, demeanors, desires, needs, all the important positive things that in fact the other gender can contribute to by either providing the needed support, physical or emotional, or simply the complete independent freedom to pursue enjoying those gender specific activities with the guys or gals appropriately.

Let’s ask some honest questions;

  1. What really is your basic self-concept. How macho, soft, afraid, strong, demur, angry, curious, judgmental, righteous, do we see ourselves?
  2. What changes these limiting or non-limiting perceptions?

 Inherent Life Unfolding